All the Diamonds

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BARS 5-8: altos sing top notes (D & C) down an octave;basses & tenors sing the lower notes (B & A)
BARS 9-18: This won't be a solo, and you don't need to be named 'Steve' to sing it. All basses together, with any tenors who can hit those low notes.
BARS 19-23: highest notes, altos down an octave (may add a few sopranos for balance)middle notes: tenorslowest notes (on bass clef): basses
BARS 24-28: upper line: tenors & basseslower line: altos down an octave (again, maybe with a few sops)
BARS 29-35: altos and sopranos together (note: this is surely meant to be a tenor solo in the score, but I am giving it to the upper voices)
BARS 36-41: upper line: sopranoslower line: altos split
BARS 45-46: tenors & bass together
BARS 47-48: upper notes: tenorslower notes: basses (attn: we're reading in treble clef)
BARS 49-62: upper line of music: sopranos on upper notes, altos on lowerlower line of music: tenors (plus any basses who can manage a sustained high E -- and I have faith that you can all do that!)
BARS 65-72: 'Steve' once again: i.e. basses plus tenors
BARS 74-75: top line: tenors plus altos down an octavebottom line (on bass clef): basses
BARS 76-81: highest notes: altos down an octavemiddle notes: tenorslowest notes (on bass clef): basses
BARS 81-85: top line of music: sopranossecond line of music: altos (altos split in bars 84/85)
BARS 85-89: regular old SATB!!


Musica Viva Singers Fall 2022